Terms and Conditions


What Is Canvas?

Canvas is a tool SSB Pty Ltd trading as Momu (Momu), have developed to assist our customers (or Users) in changing or upgrading our project homes online and in your own time. Canvas enables its Users to change and customise our existing project home designs in a number of ways to ensure you get the perfect combination for your new home, as well as an indication of the costs associated with those changes and selections.

Who Do These Terms Apply To?

These terms of use apply to any user of our home customisation software, Canvas. In using Canvas, you agree to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not accept these terms of use, you must refrain from using Canvas. Momu reserve’s the right to amend these terms of use at any time. Those amendments will be effective immediately and be notified on our website. Your continued use of Canvas following such notification will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the terms of use as amended.

Limitation Of Liability

While we strive to keep the information contained in, communicated by, or provided by Canvas current and correct, certain changes in building industry laws and regulations, prices, specifications, availability of products or delays may occur that may not be immediately reflected in Canvas. This means that the calculations, estimates, images, conclusions or recommendations contained in, communicated by, or provided by Canvas, may not always be accurate or up to date. Therefore Users must treat the calculations, estimates, conclusions or recommendations shown on Canvas as a guide only.

Momu gives no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any calculations, estimates, conclusions, images or recommendations (which may change without notice) or other information contained in, communicated by, or provided by Canvas, and makes no representations that the chosen design can be constructed for the price reflected in Canvas.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, Momu disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct, indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by any user of Canvas through relying on anything contained in, communicated by, or provided by Canvas.

Canvas does not take into account, does not consider and is not programmed to advise you on:

  • any applicable laws, requirements, regulations or statutory provisions which may prohibit or restrict your ability to build your chosen design, or any given design on a specific lot;
  • the manner in which the requirements or physical characteristics of a specific lot may impact on, or affect the construction of the design you have chosen or the construction of any given design or impact on or affect the costs associated with constructing the design you have chosen or any other design;
  • any potential structural, design or other issues, problems or risks associated with your chosen design or any given design; and
  • specific costs or additional costs that may arise by virtue of the design you have chosen or in relation to any other design.

Your Momu consultant is your best source for up to date information. Features, options and specifications shown or described are available at an extra cost and may be offered only in combination with other plans or packages or subject to additional requirements or limitations. All room sizes are approximate.

Images and other graphics used in Canvas to represent particular products, specifications or selections are for display purposes only and may be changed from time to time as is required.

Prices And Agreements

Any design, choice or selection of products made by a user when using Canvas and any sum, costing or price associated with that design, choice or selection of products does not represent or constitute an offer of sale or any other form of offer from Momu to a user. Canvas is merely a tool to provide a user with a means through which to experiment with and select certain amendments and modifications to our existing project homes and to develop an understanding of the price changes associated with those amendments and modifications.

Only a building contract entered into between the user and Momu will constitute a binding obligation and confirmation of the selections and choices made by a user.

Unauthorised Use Of Canvas

You must only use Canvas, and you must only display, copy, distribute, download and print portions of, or anything produced by Canvas for your own personal use. You must not attempt to change, reproduce, add to, remove or interfere with Canvas or any material produced from, or by Canvas. Any other use of Canvas is strictly prohibited.
If we determine that Canvas is being used by a user inappropriately or that a user is logging into the Canvas system using false or misleading details, we will immediately delete the user account and any and all plans created by that user.


Our project home designs, related or other designs produced by Users through the use of our Canvas software, plans, illustrations, photographs, images and our Canvas software are all subject to copyright owned by Momu. Momu does not grant the user any intellectual property right or licence in our designs or in any designs or configurations produced by Users through the use of the Canvas software. We will only authorise a User to make use of our intellectual property as and when they enter into a building contract with Momu.

MOMU Display Homes – What you see is what you get*

MOMU Display home specification does not include:
External: Front or rear landscaping, outdoor decking or furniture. Some pavers included on display home are an extra upgrade.
Internal: No window treatments and wall paint is included in MOMU specification. Carpet range displayed is considered an upgrade and a maximum of 25 LED lights are included. No furniture items, fixtures or fittings are included in MOMU specification.

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