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Display Homes Perth

Momu display homes are unique in the building industry.

Many builders display “upgrades” that you would think should be included in their display home price. You might be surprised to find out that the kitchen, the appliances, high ceilings, the front elevation and even the extent of tiling to the bathrooms all come at additional costs to you.  At Momu we price our display homes as they are displayed.  So what is included in a Momu Display?

North of the River Display Homes

South of the River Display Homes





Our Display Home designs include the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with stone bench tops as you see them, the sinks, basins and tapware are also included as are the mirrored robe doors, the extra high 30c ceilings throughout and the front elevation!

We do our best to make our homes as transparent as we can for you.  Obviously when building some items are variable, or to your personal taste, such as site works, main area floor coverings, light fittings, wall painting or decor items therefore these type of items have not been included in the display home price.

If you have any queries about what Momu, or other builders, call included then please contact your nearest display home consultant for details.