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Maintaining your home

The HIA Building Contract (Clause 14) provides clients with the opportunity to have any workmanship issues rectified during the maintenance period which is 6 months from practical completion of the home. 

During this time it is recommended that you list down and take photos of any defects to assist explaining the issue to the maintenance department. 

As a home owner there are also many requirements of a new home that you are responsible for maintaining. General upkeep is important as regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to the integrity of the home.  Normal home maintenance includes:

  • Replacing tap washer
  • Filling of minor cornice cracks
  • Upkeep of painted surfaces to prevent corrosion
  • Ongoing termite inspections and resprays
  • Cleaning of gutters and downpipes
  • Checking storm water for leaks or blockages

Click here for a checklist to assist in future home maintenance ideas.


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