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Home building documentation

There is a lot of documentation involved when buying and building a home and it’s important to keep everything organised. From building contracts and plans to mortgage loan docs, it is important to keep all relevant and important information together in an accessible place.

Keeping organised ensures that you are always aware and in control of your obligations and those of others. The below list includes most documents  involved in your home building process:

  • Sales Plans - Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA)
  • Signed contract documents 
  • Final plans 
  • All signed variations to contract 
  • Tile Selections 
  • Any supplier selection sheets (floor coverings, blinds/window treatments) 
  • Material selection pack 
  • Correspondence with us 
  • Mortgage/lender documentation 
  • Warranties  
  • Site Inspections 
  • Key Handover sign off documentation 
  • All account documents including progress payments and invoices

We provide you with a Momu home building folder with helpful tabs to assist with keeping your documentation organised throughout your build. 

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