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We've collected a selection of the most frequently asked questions about home design, finance, approvals and construction. Can't find the answer you need? Contact us here!

You can name your home in Canvas when you customise it, so we decided to be a bit different with our home design names. The letter stands for the lot frontage (width of the block) that the home is designed for, and the number is the approximate total area of the home. H=12.5m, J=14m, M=15m, P=17m

Eg. H243 is a home designed for a 12.5m wide lot, with a total approximate size of 243 square metres. 


Momu was created from a combination of  'moments and you' and is tied to our intention for our clients to 'love every moment' of their build journey. Momu stands for quality, well designed and affordable homes that people love to live in. 

You can have an initial price immediately! Input your budget requirement in the Canvas tool and while you customise your home you can track the budget. Once you have visited a Display Home we can unlock the functionality to allow you to see the exact cost of your completed home.

Unfortunately no, we do not allow owner works. We understand your desire to assist in your build, but we do not allow this due to the following reasons: We cannot warrant any works not undertaken by us. We pride ourselves on quality and cannot guarantee control over workmanship not completed by us. The length of build time may be impacted. We are not responsible for replacing any items supplied by an owner that go missing (any items supplied by us that go missing, will be replaced free of charge). It can be a costly process to rectify incorrect works.

Once you have found a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget, take time to customise your plan in the Canvas tool. This tool allows you to make structural changes, upgrades, downgrades and colour selections for your home. Canvas even indicates the cost of building your home in real time.

Usually yes, however this is dependent upon a number of factors including lot size, building regulations and other factors. We recommend you check with your Sales Consultant for more information.

If your fence is within 150mm from where we will be building your garage then you can leave it up, but this means we will lay the bricks overhand (from the inside) which will not be a nice finish on the outside of the garage wall. When the garage is situated on the boundary you must liaise with your neighbour and remove the fence prior to commencement of construction.

You are more than welcome to attend your site regularly, however you will need to be accompanied by your site supervisor for safety reasons. You will need to call your Client Liaison to organise a site visit.

Contract price increases occur very infrequently and your contract will include provisional sum items. We as the builder have the right to increase the price of the home when a situation occurs that is out of our control. However, state laws do limit the circumstances to which the amount can be adjusted. Momu will always follow the procedures set out in your contract and we will notify and discuss any changes with you. 

We are unable to apply for your First Home Owner Grant, but we can introduce you to people that can help. Iconic Home Loans, our Finance Provider, can assist you with the application.

Not normally, however, it all depends on your requirements. For example, if you are going to have a fridge with an ice-maker then you will require a cold water stop cock.

If you plan to build a pool after you move in, you will need to let us know the exact location so we can align services and ensure the slab is designed accordingly. There may be additional charges to construct the slab allowing for a pool. The swimming pool cannot be installed until after key handover.

We can introduce you to our finance provider. They are experienced in home construction finance and have assisted thousands of new home buyers in Perth.

Our designs are not engineered to be built on a Lot that has a fall greater than 3m. We can undertake an assessment that may enable us to build on your Lot, however, significant adjustments will need to be made. There may be a charge for a detailed plan and cost to be established.

We will do everything we can to facilitate any customer requests. Please get in touch to let us know what you require.

Yes, we have a range of reverse cycle and evaporative systems available in the Canvas tool.

Yes, a digital antenna is available in the Canvas tool.

Unfortunately due to the high price and quality control challenges, we do not offer polished concrete floor homes. We do however offer concrete look tiles that are very similar.

You are welcome to contact your Client Liaison to find out if a payment has been received, from there they can request a receipt on your behalf and send a copy through to you.

Changing your address details can be a long process. To make sure you remember to contact all the necessary authorities, a comprehensive list has been included in your hand-over pack. We recommended you update your address details once you have/are about to move into your new home. Bear in mind it can take several days for the change to be fully rolled out. For convenience, most authorities will allow you to update your address details online.

Firstly we recommend you check the bill to see if it reads ‘estimated’ or ‘actual’ bill. If it says estimated you may need to contact the Water Corporation to discuss your bill. Your bill may also be high due to a leak, and depending on where this leak is it will either be requested for the Water Corporation to fix it or for us to investigate further and amend.

Please refer to individual warranties and care instructions provided to you in your New Home Guide. This guide is given to you at Key Handover.

Your land must be clear of any rubbish or vegetation before building commencement. Temporary fencing can be installed by you, to keep people from dumping rubbish on your Llot. If you find rubbish has been dumped on your lot you may identify the builder from printed information found in the rubbish. Sometimes rubbish is also dumped by builder's on either side of a lot. If your lot has rubbish dumped prior to settlement, ensure this is removed by the Developer prior to settling on the land.

The amount of time to complete the build of your new home depends on a variety of different factors. Some of these include, the size of your new home, the location of your block, weather conditions during construction, and availability of trades and building materials. Some builder's may guarantee a timeframe for build completion, but this will come with an extensive list of conditions.

We're passionate about building new homes and promise to work diligently to complete all aspects of your home as quickly as possible. After all, it's our job and what we live by. Talk with a Momu Sales Consultant for more information.

You can make as many variations as you wish prior to signing off Final Plans. After this point you will be charged a $350.00 variation fee each time you make a change. It is imperative to note that once your plans have become Final Plans, if structural changes are to be made, they may need to been sent for a 6 Star re-assessment, Engineer re-assessment, Certificate of Design Compliance re –assessment or Shire re-submission. This will incur additional fees and delays.

The PPA (Preparation of Plans Agreement) is $2,000. This fee is to cover the costs of the site survey, engineering report and drafting your home.

We build our homes with a generic fridge in mind, however there are many shapes and sizes available (including double door fridges), which may mean your fridge will not fit in the space we have built. Please provide your fridge dimensions to your Sales Consultant if you have an existing fridge that you want to use in your new home. Otherwise please refer to your plans and ensure you purchase a fridge which will fit within the dimensions provided. Please note that the plans refer to brickwork dimensions only and do not include a plaster allowance of 10-15mm per wall. Our standard fridge recess is 1 000mm wide.

Sometimes there are covenants in your chosen estate which don't suit your design or preferences, however there are options available to challenge these guidelines. Of these, Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) are the most difficult to challenge. This is because they're already an existing variation to the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes), and typically call for developer and council approval for changes to be accepted.

By law, it is required that you are 18 years or older to sign a building contract.

Fixed site costs are exactly that; a fixed amount that cannot be varied throughout construction, whereas a cost allowances, or provisional sums, are added to the variable site costs.

Standard inclusions (or specifications) are fixtures and features that are included in the price of your new home. Any of these items can be upgraded to meet your lifestyle and budget. A list of Momu's standard inclusions can be found here.

Acoustic batts are used to reduce roof noise are made from sound-insulating material.

Fibre optic cables are installed into your home to allow you access to the new communication infrastructure (such as the NBN). Depending on the requirements of your estate, this may or may not be mandatory. Momu's standard specification allows for a three point pack inside your home, ready for connection to your internet/telecommunications service provider. The pack includes a TV point, a phone point and a data point.

Obscure glazed windows are made of rippled glass and offer more privacy than standard clear glass. They are always used for WC’s, ensuites and bathrooms, unless requested otherwise. Obscure glazed windows can also be used in locations where neighbours have overlooking windows to maintain privacy yet still allow light into your home.

COLORBOND® roofing comes in 22 colours and is very adaptable to your home. It is also lightweight and durable and will give you the desired look for your new home. Check with your developer to see what colour selections are available to you. For more benefits of COLORBOND® visit the COLORBOND® website.

There are many profile and material alternatives in tile material. These, obviously, are dependent upon the look you are aiming to achieve. You can also get an array of different colours and each one will change in terms of its acoustics. For more benefits of tile material, visit the  Harmony website.

We are open from 8am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Our Display Home opening hours are Monday-Wednesday 2pm - 5pm, Saturday 1pm - 5pm, Sunday 12noon - 5pm and on Public Holidays 1pm - 5pm.

The estimated completion date may extend if the builder states extensions of time in accordance with the contract. Wet weather, material delays, variations to the contract and disputes are some reasons for build times to exceed your original estimated completion time.

We are affiliated with Content Living, an Internationally Recognised ISO9001 Quality Management Certified Company that pride themselves on delivering exceptional quality, choice and outstanding value. With 23 years of experience and with over 20,000 homes built, Content Living is one of the most respected new home builders in Western Australia. We, along with DreamStart Homes and Content Living share the same trades and Management Team. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality, choice and outstanding value. Together with comprehensive sales support, customer service and a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

The information required varies depending on your requirements. Generally once you have designed your home with the Canvas tool and are happy with the result, you can request a Sales Consultant contacts you to help you through the process.

Subject to finance means that the deal is contigent on finance being approved by your bank and the sale becoming "unconditional."

If you are unhappy with the workmanship, appearance, or condition of an item after completion, you are within your rights to discuss this with us to find a suitable outcome. If however, you require something to be adjusted or changed which differs from specifications because you don’t like it or have changed your mind, this will incur additional costs and may cause a delay in Practical Completion.

You have 10 working days from your invoice issue date to pay your outstanding account. If you are experiencing any problems in arranging payment on time please contact us as soon as possible. Interest can be charged on a late progress payment and the builder has the right to suspend all works until the payment has been received in full.

Unfortunately, as much as we try to keep your supervisor and client liaison consistent throughout your build, sometimes due to unforeseeable reasons they will need to change. We assure you that your replacement will be thoroughly briefed on your build and they will be in contact as soon as possible to introduce themselves.

Compaction is the process of applying pressure and energy to existing fill on your site and/or fill that we place on site to remove any voids and increase density. 

A smart home is equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer. We can introduce you to a supplier for any smart home requirements outside the inclusions offered in the Canvas tool.

A building permit number is a number that is assigned by the registered building surveyor who issued the building permit. You can find the number located within the building permit document.

A feature survey details all the data for a piece of land including bordering properties, services, levels, street information and structures.

A re-establishment survey sets out the right boundaries of your Lot prior to the construction process beginning. 

Retaining walls are designed to prevent soil from going past a particular point. You can use all types of materials to make a retaining wall, such as, sleepers, bricks or blocks. This wall should help support the load of the home and prevent sand from moving. This is all dependant on your Lot sand the design. 

The joining point for the sewer drain is known as the sewer tie. 

An underground power pit is when the connection for all power supplies are run underground. 

Sometimes there are limitations on who can access a site. Therefore materials may need to be handed from person to person. This is known as double handling. 

Fill is any earthy material such as sand or soil that is used to fill in a hole or artificially change the level of the ground so it is ready for build. 

A site scrape takes off the very top layer of the Lot to clean it. An excavation is desirable as soon as the Lot needs to be at a particular level and is typically made up of a cut and fill. A cut and fill refers to the practice of cutting into the hillside or slope of your site. The substance removed from area is then used to fill the Lot to attain the preferred level.

During the entire building process with MOMU, from sales to handover of keys we will invite you to provide feedback with quick online surveys so that we can be sure you are happy with the progress.

We will always endeavor to respond to your call or email on the same day, however, on some occasions we will respond on the next working day.

Recycled water is former wastewater that is treated so it can be utilised again for new purposes, for example, flushing toilets or sustainable landscaping irrigation. This reused water is normally greywater (from doing laundry etc.) and not blackwater which contains sewage. It is accessible in a few Estates, yet you need to organise it to be connected up to your home.

Applying for Fencing and Landscaping is conducted through your Land Developer. It will vary depending on their requirements, however as a general rule of thumb making contact with them at ‘Lock Up’ stage of your build will provide ample time.

Your tile selection will need to be completed prior to your Pre-Start meeting. Our tile supplier will forward a copy to us however please ensure you bring your copy to your Pre-Start meeting. Our primary tile supplier is Swan Ceramics.

Once you own your Lot you will be required to start paying Council rates. Rates are levied annually, and must be paid in either four instalments, or as a lump sum if allowed by the council. Essentially the cost of ‘Rates’ required to be paid is based on the valuation of your property calculated by the council’s community needs budget.

Manholes can be allocated to a location and the first meeting you have with your builder. Depending on your home design they can be located anywhere out of the way. This is usually in the higher space of the roof. 

Review our designs online, visit a Display Home, or drop into our office. Review the range of homes we have available here. If you know the size and frontage of the Lot you intent to build on, it will assist in narrowing down your home design options. Ask your friends for their experiences and read the information available in our Education area.

Sales Consultant, Pre-Start consultant, Client Liaison Officer, Construction Supervisor.

We don't supply landscaping services, however, we are more than happy to recommend a local supplier that will suit your requirements. Ask your Client Liaison to provide you with the contact information for a recommended landscaper. 

A star energy rating is an assessment of a building’s ability to thermally maintain comfortable conditions in regards to the amount of energy needed for artificial heating and cooling  annually. A 6 star energy rating is required for all new homes unless you elect to gain compliance through the 'Verification Using a Reference Building' (VURB) process. 

You can contact the offending builder directly and request they cease using your water or power. Unfortunately we cannot contact the offending builder on your behalf.

Downpipes are placed every 12 metres or if there is a change in height around the home. This is to abide by building regulations.  

Your contract is signed quite early in the construction/building process. Once it is signed we will schedule in your Pre-Start meeting to finalise your selections of materials and colours and from here your plans will go back to drafting to complete the final drawings and gain all final approvals. After this point your earthworks will be scheduled and then you will be advised on the timeframe for your construction to start.

Site supervisors are generally non contactable because they are liaising with contractors, sub-contractors and tradesmen. They need to be available to ensure the smooth running of multiple jobs throughout a given suburb or area. We request that any queries, questions, concerns or changes be directed to your Client Liaison so that it is documented correctly and followed up promptly. Should you require contact with the Supervisor, the Client Liaison will arrange for them to contact you as soon as possible.

A variation fee is only charged if there are changes made after the signing of the contract. The variation fee will cover the costs of these changes and is not payable before the contract is signed and final plans are produced. The fee includes any labour or administration time spent making  amendments to contract documents. 

Depending on what is left on your land it can be quite expensive to have it removed. It is important to get rid of all sand, rubbish and rubble to avoid delaying the build of your home and unnecessary costs. 

Essastone is only sold in 3 metre lengths because manufacturers are not able to make bigger sheets of these. Therefore if you have a bench that is longer than 3 metre there will have to be a thin yet visible line in the final product.