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What to expect during construction

During the construction of your home, good communication between you and Momu is essential. From the moment a slab is poured, to the point you receive your keys, the Construction Supervisor and Client Liaison will be working hard to provide regular updates, arrange trades and ensure the smooth completion of your home. 

  • Trades – The excitement of building a home entices anyone to visit site as much as possible. Each week the build gradually changes and takes shape into a home; however, it can leave questions on trade elements, timeframes and workmanship. Allowing trades to complete their works will often rectify any queries; however, if you have any worries your Client Liaison will be able to help. 
  • Meetings – Onsite meetings with the Site Supervisor will be arranged at various stages of your build. This allows you to inspect your home as it is being constructed and allows for questions to be asked and answered. 
  • Communication – An allocated Client Liaison will provide constant and clear communication in a way which best suits you, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Your Client Liaison is your main point of direct contact during your home build. 
  • Variations – At times there may be a variation to the contract required, whether that be because we have changed a specification or you have requested a change. Now and then variations can cause slight delays, so where possible these need to be kept to a minimum once construction of your new home has begun. 

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