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Timeframe for home construction

You may find that people quote a range of different amounts of time for the design, approval and construction of your new home. While there are efficiency factors that will often reduce the overall timeline, the below is a general guide to the time taken to complete a large double brick family home. 

The administrative timeframes for a home on a titled lot that complies with the Residential Design Codes and any applicable local government requirements generally takes 8 – 10 weeks. 

In some circumstances a home my require a Planning Application, this can delay the design approval up to 90 days over and above the administrative timeframe. We will be able to let you know very early in the process if a Planning Application is required. 

Other items that can delay the construction of a home include:

  • Developer non-completion of works including services, foot paths, roads often delaying land from being surveyed
  • Titles for land not being issued
  • Delay in the approval of a builder permit
  • Developer approval of plans

The length of a build will depend on various factors such as:

  • Size of your home
  • Weather – lost time due to rain or a water logged site
  • Trade availability
  • Product availability 
  • Vandalism or theft

The Momu construction team are very experienced in minimising delays, and wherever possible make up time throughout the process if delays have occurred. We don't put a guarantee on the time frame for our builds because we don't believe in half a page of small print that makes the guarantee worth nothing.

We can promise that we will work diligently to complete all aspects of your home as quickly as possible. After all, it's our job.

Talk to a Sales Consultant for more information about the process of building a new home.

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