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Major parts in construction of the home

There are many stages involved in the construction of a home. The major steps involved include:

  • Slab – The grano worker prepares your site with footings, prelay and the formwork for the concrete slab to be poured.
  • Bricks – The bricks, window and door frames will be loaded onsite and the bricklayers build the internal and external walls of your home.
  • Roof – The roof carpenters construct the frame or skeleton for the roof to be built upon. The roof plumber and roof fixer install the roof cover and all relevant guttering, downpipes and flashings.
  • Lock up – Doors and windows are installed and the home is locked up ready for internal finishings.
  • Internals – Tiling, cupboards, benchtops, appliances and plumbing fixtures are installed inside the home. Any  flooring and/or additions are completed and the insulation is installed in the roof cavity.
  • Garage and paving – External paving is laid in the alfresco and driveway and the garage floor, known as a hardstand, is poured.
  • Handover – You receive your keys to a brand new home!

We can’t wait to help you design and build your new home. Our experienced Client Liaison and Construction team will make the process an easy and understandable one, available for your questions anytime throughout your build.  

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