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Our History

For your peace of mind, we are backed by a builder that has built over 20,000 homes in Perth and the South West and has been around since 1992. Content Living and Dreamstart Homes have housed almost 60,000 West Australians over the past 25 years and we are very proud to have their backing.

If you are interested in more info about why we do what we do, have a look at the Momu Manifesto.

ISO Quality Management Systems

Building a home is exacting work. It’s a handmade product that involves over 50 people, thousands of individual items and takes months to come together properly.

Prior to construction, approvals require knowing the right information, the right people and having the right processes to get to site as quickly as possible.

Our parent company decided years ago that implementing an ISO9001 Quality Management System was a great idea to ensure our processes are water tight.